CSD3 Full Maintenance 1st November 2022


  • CSD3 full maintenance took place as planned on Tuesday 1st November 2022.
  • Mandatory MFA was introduced for SSH logins from outside CSD3 at the end of the maintenance.

The up to date plan and status of the maintenance will be displayed on this page.

Current Status

  • Maintenance is complete. Normal access and job scheduling have been resumed.
  • Firmware updates have been successfully applied to IB switches and storage servers.
  • Normal quarterly refreshes of Cambridge and Tier2 projects will take place after maintenance.
  • MFA has been enabled.

Key Points

Tuesday 1st November 2022

  • Maintenance will start at 10:00.
  • Job scheduling will be suspended.
  • All running jobs will be requeued. This means that unless the job has intentionally been marked as non-requeuable, the job will be killed, then returned to the queue to run again (from the beginning) when job scheduling has been resumed. Jobs which cannot simply be killed and restarted should be marked non-requeuable with the –no-requeue sbatch option.
  • All login nodes will reboot and login access blocked for part of the maintenance period.
  • Mandatory TOTP-based MFA will be enabled for SSH logins from outside CSD3.
  • Normal production service will be resumed at the end of maintenance.


If you have any questions about these developments or have issues before or after the changes, please contact us at support@hpc.cam.ac.uk.