ANSYS Fluent

Access to ANSYS Fluent on CSD3

ANSYS Fluent requiers valid licence. If you do have a vaild licence, email who will be able to add you to the user group on the system. If you do not have a valid licance you will not be able to use the software.

Setting ANSYS Fluent interconect

For ANSYS Fluent 17 runing on Skylake or KNL you will need to set -p to ib.ofed insted of ib

Running ANSYS Fluent on CSD3

Running ANSYS Fluent:

#SBATCH -J fluentjob
#SBATCH -p skylake
#SBATCH -n 32
#SBATCH -t 01:00:00

module purge
module load rhel7/default-peta4 fluent
scontrol show hostname $SLURM_NODELIST | tr " " "\n" > ./node_file

fluent 3ddp -g -i input_file.fl -alnamd64 -t$SLURM_NTASKS -mpi=intel -pib.ofed -cnf=$PWD/node_file -ssh