R and RscriptΒΆ

Various versions of the R environment are available on CSD3. The latest version, R 3.5.2 is available either as r-3.5.2-gcc-5.4.0-ordoh5p or r-3.5.2-gcc-5.4.0-jqs2rxd. The former is a vanilla R install with no special options, whereas the latter is linked against the linear algebra library openblas and may provide substantially better performance.

R can be run interactively by simply calling R, which will give a standard R shell. This can be used for testing or setting up larger runs. However for use inside the job scheduler it will generally be more effective to record the R script in a file analysis.R and call it from inside a slurm batch script Rscript analysis.R. For more examples of how to use slurm and write an appropriate batch script please see Running.