Research Computing Services HPC Documentation

The Cambridge Service for Data Driven Discovery (CSD3) is one of the EPSRC Tier2 National HPC Services hosted by the Research Computing Services at the University of Cambridge.

The facility became live in November 2017 and began the next chapter in HPC for the University of Cambridge. CSD3 is a combination of three platform types:

  • Intel Scalable processors (Intel Xeon Gold - Skylake)
  • Intel Xeon Phi (KNL)
  • Nvidia P100 GPUs

This is built with the Intel Omni-Path interconnect and Mellanox InfiniBand EDR, the latter forming the fabric used on the GPU component of CSD3. The three components are referred to as Peta4-Skylake, Peta4-KNL, and Wilkes2-GPU respectively.

CSD3 is available to academic researchers both internal and external to Cambridge, and to industry. For more information please see the website.