Accessing RCS via the SSH Gateways

Directories for data storage on RCS will be named according to the project name submitted as part of the purchase of space on RCS.

The full project name assigned at the time of purchase is:

rcs-<PIs CRSID>-<Project Name>

Example: rcs-wjt27-myproject

All data stored under this project will have the group ownership changed to a group named according to the above full project name.

You are able to transfer data into your project space via the dedicated gateways and suitable client applications implementing the SSH protocol native to Unix/Linux/MacOSX/Windows machines, such as sftp and rsync:

sftp <CRSID>

followed by sftp commands such as ls, cd and put; or

rsync -av -h --progress LOCAL-DATA-DIR <CRSID><PIs CRSID>-<Project Name>/

from a UNIX/Linux/MacOSX machine, or from a Windows machine with Cygwin (the username can generally be omitted if your local username is also your CRSID).

Alternatively, you may use a graphical client to access RCS.


You will be prompted for a MultiFactor TOTP code/token as part of logging in, if you haven’t already setup this up then the steps required are set out here: MultiFactor Authentication (MFA)