Data Storage

The ONLY location to access and store data is your project(s) folder in X:\SRCP.

Roaming Profile

Roaming profile only stores Desktop and App preferences, any data stored in this location will be deleted at logout.

Desktop & Start Menu

Fully restricted from creating or saving data. Context menu is also disabled and will not appear when you right-click. From the start menu you can search and start apps. If you select Settings its possible to change Desktop appearance under Personlization.

Screen Lock

The screen will lock after 15 minutes of inactivity and requires you to re-type your password to continue.

Disconnected Session

Disconnected sessions will be logged out after 6 hours of inactivity.

Idle Session

Idle sessions will be logged out after 8 hours of inactivity.

Screen Capture

The system restricts screenshots and screen sharing through apps like Teams and Zoom.


It is not possible to print to paper. Print to pdf is allowed noting that all output MUST be sent to the X:\SRCP drive.


From the Navigation pane you will only see the drive where you can access your project(s). “Quick Access” and access to local drives, folders and files has been disabled.

Web Access

All web sites are blocked unless they have been approved for access. There is a managed list of Favorites in Edge and Bookmarks in Chrome which identify approved web sites.

Microsoft Edge

The following will be deleted when Edge is closed:

  • Browsing Data

  • Cached Images and Files

Personal Favorites will be deleted when a user logs out of SRCP.

Google Chrome

The following will be deleted when Chrome is closed:

  • browsing_history

  • download_history

  • cookies_and_other_site_data

  • cached_images_and_files

  • password_signin

  • autofill

  • site_settings

  • hosted_app_data

Personal Bookmarks will be deleted when user logs out of SRCP.

Microsoft Office

Only Word, Excel and Access are available.

Browsing is restricted to\srcp or X:\SRCP

Preferences are retained except where the following policies apply:

  • Autosave is disabled.

  • Age out documents older than 1 day - This policy controls when locally cached Office documents are aged out of the Office Document Cache and 1 day is minimum.

  • Number of days to keep local documents in the local cache is 1 day - This policy controls how long local document versions are kept in the local cache and 1 day is minimum.

  • Delete files from the office document cache is enabled - This policy setting determines whether or not documents opened in Office are deleted from the Office Document Cache when they are closed.