User Onboarding

Requesting Access Process

This section describes how a new user requests access through SRCP Request User Access form, and is added to an SRCP Platform.


Although SRCPS is a generally advertised service, there is no general/free version of the service therefore it is expected that users will already know whether they should have access, or are entitled to, access to a particular part of the SRCPS and this process is not for speculative requests.

To gain access to an SRCP Platform a new user has to read and accept policies governing the service by completing the SRCP Request User Access. Using a Raven authenticated session they need to identify the Platform’s and after submitting an access request the SRCP Authorised Role will be contacted via email to confirm the application. Only then the user is added to the platform.

SRCP Authorised Roles

The SRCP has hierarchical role structure for purpose of managing access to different levels of SRCP account also known as tenancy.

├ Role:Client
└── Platform
    ├ Role:Manager
    └── Project
        ├ Role:Manager
        └ Role:User

Account Client: An individual responsible for governance of access to SRCP platform. Takes overall responsibility for the specific SRCP account.

Platform Manager: An individual with delegated responsibility for the platform. This role can be assigned by the Account Client.

Project Manager: An individual with delegated responsibility for a project within the platform. This role can be assigned by the Account Client or Platform Manager.

Project User: An individual with access to the Platform’s project. This role can be authorised by Account Client, Platform Manager or Project Manager.


Some of the roles may not be relevant for particular type of SRCP Platform. For example REDCap has no notion of the “Project” part of the hierarchy.

User Offboarding

To remove a user from a platform, please send an email to requesting for the user to be removed from the platform, stating the username and Platform ID. The service desk agent will confirm that the person making the request is a platform manager for the platform in question and then remove them from the platform users group, as well as check and terminate any active sessions.