Day one actions for SCM Data Managers

Location of data from Clinical School

Each project has an ‘imported data’ directory in the secure-platform area, e.g.


Example of directory where migrated data has been placed

This is where any data migrated from SDHS has been placed.

This directory contains the data from their project on SDH and is accessible to managers only initially, in order to let them decide what level of access to give project users.

Giving access to Project Users

To grant project users access to the data, a manager will need to:

  • Create one or more directories at the top of the secure-platform area

  • Use the standard Windows tools to allocate the right access to those directories

  • Move or copy the data across to the new directories

Creating a new directory at top of project

Create a directory

At the top level of the project, the manager will need to add a new directory

Adding group to list in security tab of properties in Windows

Use security tab in properties to add a permission for a group

Then search for the user or group to give access to

Choosing level of access full, read-only, for newly added group

Choose level of access

Then finally, choose what level of access to grant


Adding the ‘uis-project-<identifier>-users group and ‘modify’ permission, gives all users full access