Current functionality

  • Data Storage – All files from SDHS have been securely transferred into studies within SRCP, with the same folder structures but without previous per-user access permissions

  • Access to the Secure Windows Desktop through Citrix Workspace App

  • Secure data transfer server for uploading and downloading files

  • Multi Factor Authentication

  • Applications portfolio as per SDHS (where appropriate proof of licence may be required)

  • Application form for external collaborators

  • 1TB storage allocation per study

  • Outbound firewall restrictions

Future functionality

  • Printing – A requirements gathering exercise needs to be undertaken to understand use cases and complete risk assessments

  • The use of SQL databases and servers – There were no SQL Server data/backups transferred to SRCP, so this isn’t currently accessible. This work is being planned and will be made available as soon as possible.

  • Import / Export via SFTP

  • Automated cleanup of old files from Import/Export areas.

  • Access reports via email - monthly email sent to managers to report who has access to the platforms and projects.