Logging in for the First Time

Once registered, the user will receive a welcome email. This email contains information about the SRPCS tenancy required for first login.


If you cannot locate your welcome email please contact the SRCPS helpdesk.

Configuring Two Factor Authentication

  • Install the Two Factor Authentication application

  • Retrieve the Token

  • Configure the Application

Further information, including how to recover from a lost token, is available here.

Logging in to a SRCPS Tenancy

Preparing The Client Device

Devices used to access a SRCPS tenancy must be operated within the terms of the SRCPS User Security Policy.

Access to the SRCPS requires users to be physically at a University site, or using a University VPN if working remotely.


Instructions to connect to the VPN provided by the UIS can be found at: https://help.uis.cam.ac.uk/service/network-services/remote-access/uis-vpn/

Support for the VPN should go to the UIS Service Desk - via https://www.uis.cam.ac.uk/self-service or servicedesk@uis.cam.ac.uk

Most modern browsers should work to connect to the SRCPS, however we only provide support for Firefox and Chrome on client devices.

Currently the Citrix Workspace App is the only way to connect to the Secure Windows Desktop (SWD) platform; using a browser is not possible.

Logging In

The only method of accessing the SRCPS is via a web browser, or the Citrix app if accessing the Secure Windows Desktop.


The welcome email will contain the URL required to get to the login page.

The user will be presented with a login page:

Login Page

An Example Login Page

Here the user will enter their Raven credentials to proceed.

The first time the user tries to log into a SRCPS Platform they will be prompted to configure 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). For more information on this click here. Subsequent logins will prompt for a TOTP code which the user will retrieve from their mobile device.

2fa Prompt

An Example 2FA prompt.