Windows 10

Before updating to the new share location, open a Explorer Window and disconnect the currently mounted RFS project which is using the old RFS share location by right-clicking on the drive and selecting Disconnect as shown in the image below:

Saving your credentials

disconnecting mounted drive on Windows 10

RFS is mounted like a normal Windows network drive. The new URL of the network drive is:


which will allow you to browse through your available RFS projects and choose which project you want to use. Alternatively, if you know the name of the project use the direct path to the project:


where project is your RFS project name


Using the \\\RFS URL will only show a list of the projects the user has access to. Then it’s up to the user to select the project they want to work on from the list.

In order to use the new share location for your RFS share Right click This PC in an Explorer Window and then click Map network drive


Some versions of Windows 10 may say Add Network Location instead of Map Network Drive

right click in Explorer

Menu after right clicking This PC

The Map Network Drive window will pop up. Select a letter for your drive to use and fill in the path to the network share:

Map Network Drive wizard

The Map Network wizard.

Or use the direct path to your project specific network share:

Map Network Drive wizard

The Map Network wizard with project specific path.

You will need to tick the box Connect using Different Credentials (unless you are using a machine bound to the UIS Active Directory domain BLUE), and specify your UIS username and password in the following way:

Saving your credentials

Saving your credentials for the mapped drive

Once you click OK, the mapped drive will now appear in your explorer:

Mapped Drive in Explorer

Windows Explorer with a mapped drive